Best Self-drive Road Trips in India

Best Self-drive Road Trips in India
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Road trips are one of the best things for families, couples, or friends to do together. Everyone loves a fun road trip across a scenic town, a majestic highway, lovely greenery, and picturesque locations. Not all people who love to travel and explore places have a car, but it should not stand in the way of travel and tourism.

This idea of unrestricted travel via the road is supported by simple hacks such as Self-driven car in India, which helps people through self-drive car rental schemes. With a rented self-driving car, anyone can drive anywhere for business or pleasure without having to rely on cabs or other means of limiting transport such as trains, buses, or flights.

A can be easily taken for rent and returned back just as one would borrow a friend’s car to use as per requirement. All they need to do is fill fuel, and it’s good to go!

Advantages of Self-Drive Rentals

Self-driven car is one of the best options for those who need a rental car but do not want the hassle of a cab or taxi. Rent a car service helps people traveling to new places or looking for cars within a city for various purposes – especially for people traveling too frequently or too much. Cabs are not always reliable and let’s face it – they are quite expensive.

One would never know when a cab would refuse a ride, and the prices are almost too high to be real during peak hours. Late-night cabs are very few, and therefore one could get stuck without a means of commute. For long-haul rides with families, rented cars with drivers can prove to be less comfortable.

For all these reasons and beyond, taking up a self-driven car in India is the best solution with the many additional benefits.

They are cheaper than cabs, can be used without restrictions, feels like having your own car, and can be chosen based on one’s requirement as well (small cars for 2 to 3 riders and bigger cars for a big family or with luggage). One can even hire luxury cars if they are in the mood for something classy and sporty for a change.

Best Self-drive Road Trips

India has many picturesque highways and state ways that are excellent for self-drive road trips. All a traveler needs to do is choose a car, hire for rent and fill fuel and voila! All set for a road trip!

  • Leh-Ladakh

The best route for road trips, the Delhi to Leh-Ladakh road, is excellent for road trips both by bikes and cars. There are many beautiful snow-capped mountains and amazing mountaintop scenes that can be exciting for kids and anyone per se.

  • Kochi to Goa

Goa is a party town, yes, but the trip to Goa is equally exhilarating, passing through the Godly town of Murudeshwara with the beachside Shiva statue and the famous Shiva Temple, the scenic beach town of Gokarna with splendid sea shores and shacks, and ending up in the never disappointing Goa.

  • Kolkata to Darjeeling

Traveling to Darjeeling is nothing short of an adrenaline rush. The beauty of Darjeeling is only comparable to the ride from Kolkata, with wonderful scenic towns and the hills that lead up to the amazing valleys of Darjeeling.