7 Best Modern Gadgets for Writers 2021

7 Best Modern Gadgets for Writers 2021

People love gadgets. They make our life easier, more comfortable. The speed of communication is so high that being online all the time is normal everywhere in the world. And space is an exception already. We must accept the fact that the life of the modern person is associated with gadgets and it is hardly possible that it will change soon. Now we want to discuss writers and their top gadgets that simplify their being. First of all, we want to notice that writing is more about the lifestyle than about the profession. Every art is life, so writing is not an exception. So in our list, you will see professional and private, that must be at the house of everyone who is already writing or just starting this way.

Gadgets Writers Use on Daily Basis

It is not always about talent or experience — sometimes what you need to be more efficient in writing is a good PC or some other gadgets or applications. However, is it limited to that? We don’t think so. Here is the list of gadgets that may be helpful for you as a writer, and, surprise, not all of them are related to typing or proofreading. Feel free to read the following article to know more about useful gadgets for writers.

PC or Tablet

This is maybe the most obvious gadget for everyone. It is hard to imagine a profession that doesn’t use PCs for work. Mails, messengers, research systems seem an integral part of the day. But the writers use its first function. They type. You can say that we all type all the time, but only writers chose this action as a profession. Thanks to the technology of voice input, typing became not the only option of creating a text. But it is still not perfect, so it requires corrections. Anyway, the PC is still a working instrument that every writer should have. And the quality of this gadget must be the highest to satisfy all the needs quickly. Don’t be stingy choosing it because it is an extension of the professional.


This thing needs no introduction. Everything is on the smartphone. Smart home, banking, games, books, music. In a word, our lives depend on it. Some writers use it as a small PC during traveling, but the screens are not suitable for long working. It is perfect in emergency cases when thought appears, and you need to fixate it immediately. It is a perfect gadget thanks to the options that it provides, but too small to feel it as a working instrument.

Coffee Machine

Is coffee unhealthy? Yes, if you drink a lot of cups a day. Is coffee a part of our culture? Without any doubt. We are on the way to defeating smoking, so it is not as popular as it was 20 years ago, but coffee is another question: coffee shops, coffee-to-go, coffee breaks. A lot of words attract us to this drink so let’s face the truth that it is popular, especially for artists. So it is a good idea to have a machine that produces the thing for inspiration and cheerfulness that is necessary for the good text.

Massage Chair

This thing is extremely important for everyone who sits during working. A lot of illnesses appear because of a passive lifestyle, but society is not ready to change it. That’s why we believe that this is a lifebuoy in questions of relaxation and health. Sure, it can’t replace sports activities but can help with short pleasant breaks.

VR Gadgets

So modern, so important. You can’t write without inspiration. You can’t write in an awful mood or when thoughts take you away from the subject of writing. The best answer is to switch. The best gadgets for it are from the VR world. VR glasses are the most popular and easy to buy. New world, new feelings, surprises, and time spent. 15-20 minutes and your mind is restarted and ready for new goals.


Quality music is a relaxation for the mind. If the massage chair is for the body, then audio speakers are for the soul. Some people prefer classical music, other rock or jazz. The sounds of nature are also perfect for calm thoughts and concentration. But all of them will be useful only with a clear sound, so choose your size and surround yourself with perfect music.

Cinema Projector

The atmosphere is important to every writer. We believe that old inspiring movies and classical theatre performances that are available online are perfect for watching using a cinema projector. It brings mystery and transfers you to the places and times that you see. Cinema or huge TV never give this unspeakable feeling of magic and privacy. Every person of art must have this experience to improve their job with new impressions.

Some of these things are obvious, some are not. But remember that every writer is a tender person who needs inspiration and must catch it everywhere. Nothing should distract him while writing. Some writers prefer to work alone without any gadgets and people but unfortunately, only some of them can let it happen. Daily tasks and the necessity of social media changed the world. So we believe that for most of writing these 7 gadgets will be useful and simple to buy.

Have a Plan B to Be a Successful Writer

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