Being Overweight Is A Major Health Threat For Women

Overweight Is A Major Health Threat For Women

Being Overweight Is A Major Health Threat For Women

Women never want to be reminded if they are gaining weight. It’s a touchy subject, so they get really hurt if someone mentions their weight. However, this issue is far beyond their self-esteem being afflicted or their changing physical appearance.

Women need to realize that obesity can cause numerous severe diseases in the future. Today, we’ll explain a few of them:

Knee Pain:

Overweight women might undergo joint pain. This is because they become frail as a result of bearing heavyweights, which is not normal for them. Due to this, women develop knee pain which makes it hard for them to walk or exercise. In order to have a proper cure, women must implement ways to lose weight and also see a doctor.


A lot of obese people tend to get diabetes, which is a serious illness. Therefore, people need to make sure they are eating healthy and have a healthy lifestyle in general. People should try to keep their weight under control and start losing it if it increases above average.

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Sore heels:

Another problem that overweight women are familiar with is heel pain. This becomes more serious as the weight rises further. Even walking becomes tough when the heels are aching. Portliness is the biggest cause of sore heels, although there are several other reasons. It’s recommended that you consult a doctor. Apart from that, make sure you keep your weight in check.

Cardiac problems:

Heart diseases in women are increasing rapidly. Excessive weight is one of the reasons for such problems. The symptoms of ascending weight include panting, rapid heartbeats, and sweating profusely. Adopting a balanced diet and working out regularly can help you stay away from grave diseases.

Infertility problems:

Overweight women may also have to endure sterility or delayed pregnancy. Obesity can also disturb the menstruation cycle and cause hormonal problems, which makes conceiving very hard.


Just the fact that a woman is plump can make her depressed. To top that, there is the society that won’t leave her alone. To shut this mental illness temporarily women often find solace in food. This behavior is obviously not going to help. So, start eating healthy to ensure that the weight does not increase in the first place.

Losing self-confidence:

How can someone be confident when they are not happy with the way they look? This makes it really hard for women to go out and socialize because they do not feel comfortable. To save themselves from the embarrassment they choose to stay inside.


Obesity makes people look relatively older than they actually are. Girls of all ages seem to think this way because they don’t look their age.
Therefore, you need to find out the average weight as per your age and height and keep it under control.