Avatar 2 release date, trailer, and everything we know

Avatar 2 release date, trailer, and everything we know

Avatar 2 might be close to being finished, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to see the long-delayed sequel anytime soon.

After a series of delays, James Cameron’s sequel was hit with yet another delay in July 2020 which means we won’t be returning to Pandora until December 2022. It’s not really the sequel’s fault though as it’s down to the current global situation.

avatar 2 Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Cameron seems pretty confident that Avatar 2 will be out in December 2022 though, so hopefully there won’t be any further delays, especially if we’re to stand any chance of seeing the other planned sequels through to Avatar 5.

Before we get ahead of ourselves too much though, here’s everything you need to know about Avatar 2.

“Avatar 2 release date”

To cut a long story short, Avatar 2 is finally going to be released on December 22, 2022, having been pushed back from December 2021.

The latest delay was a result of production being delayed due to the global shutdown, not just the live-action filming in New Zealand, but also the virtual production work taking place in Los Angeles.

Production got back underway in early June in New Zealand (not without controversy though), so we’ll just have to hope that there aren’t any further delays to production as the sequel aims for 2022.

avatar 2 image credit: disney

In September 2020, Cameron revealed that they were 100% complete on Avatar 2 and around 95% finished on Avatar 3. This is likely just in terms of the live-action filming in New Zealand, and not on the complete movie itself.

Like the first movie, there’s a lot of virtual production and visual effects needed for the movie, so it’s not like Avatar 2 could be released right now, otherwise, they wouldn’t have delayed by a full year.

Now that doesn’t mean I have an extra year to finish the film, because the day we deliver Avatar 2 we’ll just start working on finishing Avatar 3, Cameron noted.

As mentioned before, a new Avatar movie will follow every other year all the way until Avatar 5 on December 22, 2028. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

If you want the full story of the sequel’s long and drawn-out journey to the screen, here goes. Looking back on it, it seems almost absurd that Avatar 2 was scheduled for release in December 2014, and Avatar 3 was scheduled for December 2015.

image credit: disney

Those dates got pushed back, you will not be surprised to learn. In April 2016 filming was meant to start on Avatar 2. But April came and went, and filming never got underway. In January the following year. it was announced that work on the motion-capture element of the film would start by August 2017, but it actually began in September.

However, a fourth Avatar movie was announced, which pushed the whole lot back to December 2016, 2017, and 2018 respectively. But it’s checks calendar 2020 and we still haven’t got a sequel, let alone three.

All of the sequels were pushed back again, with Avatar 2 planned for December 2017. James Cameron blamed the very involved writing process for the delays.

Next, in January 2017, Avatar 2 was delayed again, the assumption being that it ran scared after Star Wars. The Last Jedi slipped from May to December 2017.

The sequel was then set for a December 2020 release before Disney shifted it again to December 2021, after completing the takeover of Fox, and that brings us right up to the latest delay.

“Avatar 2 cast”

“Avatar sequel titles”

While we’ve been calling them Avatar 2, Avatar 3, and so on, there hasn’t been any official confirmation on what they will be called.

However, the BBC reported that the films could be called Avatar. The Way of Water, Avatar: The Seed Bearer, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider, and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa which Cameron later confirmed are potential titles, but could be subject to change.

“Avatar 2 trailer”

But there are a load of fan-made trailers if you need something to tide you over until Avatar 2 hits.

Cameron has been realistic about the probability of seeing the next 4 Avatar movies, it all depends on how Avatar 2 does at the box office. But Cameron did promise Avatar 3 in 2024 if Avatar 2 is a success.

Avatar 2 release date December 22, 2022.

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