Apple Music is now coming to PlayStation 5 – stream music while playing games

Apple Music is now coming to PlayStation 5

If you think gaming consoles are only to play your favorite games, then think again. Because now, you’re able to do one more thing on them: listen to music.

Sony, which develops markets PlayStation video game consoles, has announced that Apple Music is launching on its latest console PlayStation 5 or PS5 Tuesday.

PS5 is the first gaming console to integrate Apple Music, allowing its subscribers to access a catalog of 90 million songs available on the music streaming platform.

According to a press release by Sony, PS5 subscribers who also have a subscription for Apple Music can stream music on their console, watch music videos in 4K, enjoys songs from thousands of curated playlists and make playlists from their own library.

Other than streaming music, gamers can also play music in the background and enjoy music video playback while they play games on the console.

Before Apple Music, PS5 users could stream music on Spotify which was integrated with the gaming console.

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Those PS5 subscribers can now stream Apple Music on their consoles was first spotted by a Reddit user, who then posted about it on Reddit.

PS5 users who also have subscriptions to other streaming platforms can watch movies, stream TV shows, listen to music, and live stream games from their consoles.

Last year, Sony announced that PS5 will become with a pack of entertainment options and these apps will hit the PS5 console on the first days of its release.

In November 2020, PS5 was released with several entertainment apps including Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix and Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube.

There is dedicated space for entertainment apps on the PS5 console. Players can see the entertainment tab right next to the Game home screen.

Sony also revealed that other streaming apps including Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, Peacock will also be integrated with its gaming consoles in the future.

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