Apple just gave millions of users a reason to quit their iPhones

A Reason To Quit Their iPhones

iPhones plans are some of its most exciting in years and an iOS 14 early beta has already revealed some of the company’s biggest secrets months ahead of schedule.

But for every iPhone owner currently using iOS 13, Apple may have just given you a reason to quit your phone right now.

Earlier this week, I was tipped off by a reader about serious iOS 13 cellular bugs which are consuming mobile data without an explanation and increasing bills.

Remarkably, while this was the first I had heard of it, affected users (at least those aware of the issue) have been suffering for months and even switching off mobile data has not stopped it.

The only solution for some has been to shut down their iPhones completely.

Complaints about this can be found in multiple forums, including Reddit and Apple’s Support Communities (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, etc) impacting every iPhones model and every version of iOS 13, including the latest iOS 13.3.1 release.

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The problem always takes the same form – users navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data (either by chance or because of a big bill) and find a mysterious entry called “Uninstalled Apps” which is steadily consuming data.

For some, the total only uses kilobytes but for others, it can hit gigabytes a day and affected users are being told Apple has been aware of the problem for some time.

Apple Support said it’s been a known issue since January but no ETA for a fix, no explanation for where the data is going, or if they will compensate customers for busting data plans explained the reader to me. I spoke with Verizon about the usage.

They said it’s getting categorized as audio and video streaming, but only because it’s using network ports normally associated with those types of services.

Sending me the screenshot below, he explained – This is from a two-day road trip where I had cellular data turned off most of the time, I had to upgrade my data plan to keep from going over my allowance.

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