American Woman Arrives Pakistan To Tie The Knot With Sialkot Boy

american women arrived in sialkot

American Woman Arrives Pakistan To Tie The Knot With Sialkot Boy

A 41year old, American women traveled all the way from her country to meet the love of her life, a 21-year-old boy from Sialkot. In the world of social media connectivity, the love affair started between Helena with Kashif and she decided to get married to the boy right away.

The news reported further informed that the woman is ready to embrace Islam before tying the nuptial knot, Express-News Reported.

According to the groom-to-be Kashif, all preparations for the wedding event are done. His relatives are also excited about attending a special ceremony.

There are marriage cases reported before as well where foreigner lovers come to Pakistan to tie the knot.

In April, an Indian woman visited Pakistan to attend the traditional Besakhi festival. And ended up marrying a Pakistani man and also converted to Islam.

After marriage, she changed her name from Kiran Bala to Amna Bibi. She said that she wanted to tie the knot with Azam, a resident of Hanjarwal, Lahore and that she didn’t want to go back to India.

Based on these scenarios, Amna requested the authorities to extend her visa to stay in Pakistan for longer. According to Amna Bibi, she also received death threats after her marriage.