Alenka Ermenc – Slovenia’s first female Army Chief of staff

Alenka Ermenc Army Cheif

Alenka Ermenc appoints first female Army Chief of staff in Slovenia.

Slovenia, a republic in central Europe and a member of NATO and the EU, has assigned a woman as their army chief of staff. This is the very first time in Slovenia that a female army official has been awarded such a high position.

It was the government who selected Brigadier Alenka Ermenc, 55, on Tuesday during a sitting. On Wednesday, November 28th, she will officially step in to begin her work as the chief of general staff.

Alenka Ermenc is a graduate of the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. She also possesses a master’s degree from the King’s College University of London. She has been in the Slovenian Armed Forces(SAF) for 27 years. She then became a brigadier in May 2011. Ermenc holds numerous military honors, such as the NATO Medal for participation in peacekeeping operations.

Major General Alan Geder followed after the former Major General, who was terminated due to his unsatisfactory performance in a NATO test. Now, Ermenc will take Alan Geder’s place.

Borut Pahor, the Slovenian President, is quite positive that Ermenc’s designation shall boost the functioning of the Slovenian armed forces. She has bestowed the position of major general last week, on Thursday.

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