After a year of Imran Khan’s govt, Pakistan emerging as world player

After a year of Imran Khan’s govt, Pakistan emerging as world player

British online newspaper The Independent says after a year of Imran Khan in power as the Prime Minister, Pakistan is finally stepping into its role as a world player.

In an analytical piece, the newspaper said what Imran Khan is trying to implement is a wholesale reform that steers the country towards an inclusive political and economic system. The speed of reform is slow and bumpy, and the slew of benefits won’t rain down immediately, but crucially, the direction seems to be right.

For Pakistan’s economy, the inherited legacy of debt and deficits has created immediate issues of economic growth. But now, investment in exports is on the rise and entrepreneurs have begun setting up businesses based on import substitution, the paper notes.

The technology eco-system in Pakistan is belatedly but ultimately coming into place. An ambitious task of bringing more people into the tax net is reaping dividends, with a 65 percent increase in tax filers over the last year, the editorial piece appreciates.

It adds that on the international stage, Imran Khan’s leadership style is a departure from his predecessors. Recognition prior to politics, coupled with the promise of incorruptibility, signal his diplomatic stature.

Incidents such as Pulwama, followed by the Kashmir crisis, but Imran Khan’s diplomatic headship to instant test and both times, he scored. Requests for him to serve as an honest broker to mediate between the US-Afghanistan and US-Iran evidences the same confidence.

Pakistan has surfaced as a responsible global player; a harbinger of peace with its narrative ubiquitously conveyed. The message to world leaders is loud and clear that Pakistan is active, engaged, relevant and responsible, the British online newspaper said.

Moreover, Imran Khan the second most searched UNGA leader on Google, beating Narendra Modi by three spots. Only US President Donald Trump ranked above Imran Khan.

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