Grandmother becomes oldest woman in Italy to recover from COVID

A 95-year-old grandmother becomes the oldest woman in Italy to recover from coronavirus

A 95-year-old grandmother has become the oldest known woman in Italy to recover from COVID.

The northern region of Italy has been hit hard by the pandemic, while the country overall now has nearly 60,000 confirmed cases with 5,476 deaths.

Alma Clara Corsini was among those diagnosed with the virus and was admitted to hospital in Pavullo on March 5.

But doctors and specialists oversaw her remarkable recovery and she has become the first woman in the Modena to recover from coronavirus.

Yes, yes, I’m fine,’ she said earlier this week.

‘They were good people who looked after me well.’

According to Gazzetta Di Modena, doctors confirmed she was able to recover without antiviral therapy and her body showed a great reaction.

Ms. Corsini has now been discharged from hospital and has returned to her home in Fanano.

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Earlier this week, it was confirmed that a 97-year-old man, who is believed to be the oldest person to have survived coronavirus in Italy, returned to his home in Cremona, Lombardy, after spending two weeks in the hospital.

Meanwhile, tougher measures have been introduced to fight the spread of coronavirus in Lombardy.

The governor of the region, Attilio Fontana, signed a new order Saturday which has now banned all outdoor exercise, including individual running and bike rides.

Anyone caught breaking those orders will face a fine of up to €5,000 (£4,619).