65-year-old Ex-Pakistan Air Force officer stopped Norway mosque shooter

65-year-old Ex-Pakistan Air Force officer stopped Norway mosque shooter

Muhammad Rafiq a 65-year-old Ex-Pakistan Air Force officer is being hailed as a hero after he stopped overpowered a gunman during to attack a mosque in Oslo, Norway.

On Saturday, A gunman opened fire on the Al-Noor Islamic Centre, on the outskirts of the capital Oslo. Rafiq managed to overpower him before he could kill anyone at the mosque and suffered minor injuries.

Social media users are hailing him as a hero for seizing the attacker and taking his weapons from him.

Muhammad Rafiq, 65, stopped an attempted mass shooting at his mosque in Norway, yesterday. Not sure if this news will travel outside Scandinavia, so mentioning it here. Respect to this man, but also a sober reminder of how dangerous white nationalism has become.

M. Rafiq told Reuters, I suddenly heard shooting from outside. The gunman started to fire towards the two other men. He said he punched on him and grabbed the attacker, held him down and threw his weapons.

Many social media users shared Rafiq’s photo with pride. The tweep posted: #Muhammad Rafiq we are proud of you and thank you for presenting your nation as a symbol of peace. You are a true Muslim, making #PakistanAirForce feel proud. People like you are a true ambassador of Islam in the western world. Salute to you on bravery. Ex-Pakistan air force officer.

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