5G Internet Set to Cover Over 40% of World’s Population

5G internet service

After the introduction of 4G in 2010, mobile networks will now be able to enjoy 5G Internet. This latest cordless mechanism will soon hit the worldwide markets. In only a few years it will spread over 40% of the world.

Ericsson, a ginormous telecommunications firm, has recently published a report. It announces that about 1.5 billion people shall have access to the 5G internet by 2024. This new technology is believed to be highly receptive and will be immensely powerful in terms of its speed. It is supposed that 5G will be available in smartphones by next year.

Currently, cellular data consumption is about 5.3GB per month. The reports suggest that this will rise by approximately 4 times, i.e. up to 21GB per month by 2024. Furthermore, 5G will lead to a 25% mobile information flow/traffic around the world. According to the report, North America and North-East Asia will welcome this technology first and then it will expand to Western Europe.

5G Internet of Things:

The arrival of 5G will cause an increase in demand for “Internet of things”/IoT devices. These include vehicles, home appliances, etc which will get to 4.1 billion in 2024. The market will experience substantial growth and will stretch to 3.5 billion units, i.e. precisely 5 times from 2018 to 2023.

Patrik Cerwall, the report writer, says that mobile data traffic has been rising rapidly after June 2018. This kind of progress has not been observed since 2013. He also said that the market is already well aware of smartphones and 4G network. Therefore, an even faster response is expected from the consumers this time.

5G phones are launching in 2019. Motorola announced its Moto Z3, 5G internet supported, it will be the first  5G smartphone to launch in the US.

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