5 new Android apps you just need to check out
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Tech & Gadgets - April 8, 2019

5 new Android apps you just need to check out

We have gathered a list of 5 new Android apps and games, carefully selected by our experts. We bring you 5 best android apps that have been released on the couple of week on Google Play Store. We hope you enjoy all of them!

1. Spark

New Android apps have been most awaited by many and it’s finally out on Android. The app is an email android application that, like the late Inbox, wants to reinvent the way you read and interact with your emails. Spark application stands out with its email sorting. The Application itself classifies emails in a Smart Inbox mode according to several categories: unread, pinned, newsletters, etc. The interface of this app is modern and many gesture controls are available. Another plus point in this app favor is its compatibility with all major email services.

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1. Safari Chef

This Application is not a boring cooking game. Safari Chef is a physics-based puzzle game with simple mechanics. In the game, draw bridges which deliver food in the mouths of animals waiting below the structures. This game is very easy on the surface, but it can get difficult and this is certainly what makes it so successful.

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3. Grand Mountain Adventure

The game has been in beta for several months and now is available in the final version. This skiing adventure offers 5 mountain resorts to search (first one is free, to unlock the others you need to pay). Many figures and challenges found in the menu. However, a word of advice – beware of avalanches and bears.

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4. NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

The application started as a WiiWare game in 2009. The Android version is finally available and the smartphone is the best phone for it. Features of this application with beautiful graphics and animations, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits takes you through the ruins of ancient Greece. The objective is simple. Be careful to play, you have to defy the wind and fight against hydras and avoid obstacles.

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5. Holey Light

The Holey Light app only concerns of the Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+, it may be of interest to many people. This app allows you to transform the display of the new devices into a LED notification. Samsung’s new devices are not equipped with any. However, This app (Holey Light) is under development and may be unstable.

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