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5 best plagiarism checker apps to use on mobile

Being an authentic writer in today’s modern age is a difficult challenge, particularly when new technology-driven tools emerge.

Some writers use AI-driven methods like paraphrasing and article spinners to regenerate old content into new content.

These AI-driven methods, without a doubt, deliver fast results without wasting time, but even after so much time invested in them, they still cannot replace a competent writer.

One of the technology-driven tools is the plagiarism checker which is also available over a smartphone application.

Benefits of Plagiarism Checker

Before actually publishing the post, a competent writer can keep the content natural, use plain terms, make the content sound seamless, remove grammatical errors, and use a plagiarism checker.
This is common for professional writers that they use a plagiarism checker to verify the originality of their writing.

However, the issue here is that both quality writing and being an authentic writer necessitate individuality.

The total amount of content a technical writer publishes ranges from person to person.
If he or she counts low or high words, it is not practicable to write manually for original content.
The implications of plagiarism may be captured either deliberately or accidentally.
As a result, the best way to protect one’s reputation as a competent writer is to take precautionary steps.

Although there are various online applications available to verify the quality of your content, choosing the right one, particularly for beginners, can be a difficult task.

You can use one of these plagiarism checkers whether you’re a student, an author, a content creator, or a new webmaster.

Many experts consider these to be an accurate and efficient tool for identifying plagiarism in any kind of material.

The biggest advantage of these tools is that they can be found over your smartphones in the form of application and this way, you can save a lot of effort and time.

List of best plagiarism Checker Apps

1. Prepostseo

App Size: 16MB

Rating: 3.5/5

Total downloads on Play Store: 100k+

Prepostseo is a great free plagiarism checker tool for authors who want to make sure their writing is original.

free plagiarism checker

Key Features of this application:

  • First and foremost: it is user-friendly, allowing users to copy and paste text directly from the source and inserting into the tool
  • It helps the user to spot plagiarism in emails, descriptions, and other company texts using advanced algorithms.
  • By using this app, you can get a personalized summary that includes matching references, word count, and the percentage of original content that can be shared with other users.
  • It also helps users to import files directly from their local storage since it supports all popular formats such as Docx, PDF, TXT, and others.
  • This app is free; no registration or upfront payments are required, but it does allow you to check content up to 1000 words.
  • You need to buy Prepostseo’s premium plans with extra features and to increase your word count.

2. Skandy

App Size: 48MB

Rating: 3.5/5

Total downloads on Play Store: 100k+

Skandy is a popular plagiarism detection application for smartphones that enables users to search for originality not only in text but also in photographs.

Key Features of this application:

  • The user interface helps users to directly share videos, screenshots, and print media, as well as review for plagiarism
  • It can read and write any of the main file formats that are common for writing like DOCX, TXT
  • This app’s special feature is that it sends reports via email
  • This app also translates images to text format, which is a bonus feature

3. Plagiarisma

App Size: 2.8 MB

Rating: 3.0/5

Total downloads on Play Store: 500k+

Plagiarisma.net’s Plagiarism checker is a useful tool for those who want to detect plagiarism in their writing.

Plagiarism checker

Key Features of this application:

  • It’s the only app that syncs the content through five different platforms: Google Books, Google Scholar, Google Search, Yahoo, and Babylon
  • It provides results that display the percentage of uniqueness and precise source matching
  • Thanks to its OCR technologies, it can detect plagiarism even in photographs that have been uploaded
  • It scans the content and quickly generates the plagiarism report
  • Users can import files from the cloud as well as local storage

4. The Kavach

App Size: 16MB

Rating: 4/5

Total downloads on Play Store: 1000+

Many authors, bloggers, and editors use Kavach to double-check the uniqueness of their written text.

Key Features of this application:

  • It has the most up-to-date algorithms that specifically search for some similarity with other material.
  • It enables the users to assess the content’s consistency without regard to word count.
  • Since it was created for brilliant students, it is well-known in the educational community for identifying plagiarism in academic papers.

5. Plagly

App Size: 4MB

Rating: 1.7/5

Total downloads on Play Store: 10,000+

Plagly is a high-quality plagiarism checker mobile application that many journalists, blogs, and students favor because of its ability to spot plagiarism.

Plagly plagiarism checker

Key Features of this application:

  • It thoroughly examines the content, sentence by sentence, and flags any instances of plagiarism.
  • It helps a user to verify the content’s accuracy with a small number of questions and a maximum of 2000 words per question.
  • It also allows users to import direct images into the user interface to detect plagiarism in picture text.
  • It produces a report that displays the percentages of relevancy and individuality.

Final Words

There are a plethora of apps available in online playshops. Choosing the most successful one and tailoring it to the specific requirements can be a difficult challenge for newcomers.

If you’re searching for the best plagiarism screening software, the apps mentioned above are among the well-respected apps that most people use when double-checking their work.

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