2020 BMW X6 painted with the ‘world’s blackest black’ coating

BMW X6 2020 painted with the ‘world’s blackest black’ coating

BMW has unveiled a special edition 2020 BMW X6 that you might struggle to see. The vehicle is painted with the world’s blackest black coating Vantablack VBx2 that absorbs more than 99% of visible light.

The one-off X6 sprayed with a Vantablack VBx2 finish will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where BMW will premiere the third-generation of the vehicle, according to a statement from the automaker. The BMW project is the first time the color has been applied to a vehicle.

Earlier, British artist Anish Kapoor drew the ire of many when he bought the exclusive rights to Vantablack in 2016, but the Vantablack VBx2 is a slightly different material.

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BMW 2020 black

It’s considered super-black while still giving some reflection from every angle, which makes it more appropriate than the original pigment for use as a vehicle paint finish, according to BMW.

BMW X6 Vantablack will be on show at the Frankfurt Motor Show from September 12 to 22, and the third-generation X6 will arrive in showrooms in November. Via: Samaa