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What Makes Huawei Tablet Stand Out From Other Tablets?

Huawei has long been known for its excellent mobile phone design, high-quality electronics, and innovative services. In recent years, Huawei has also entered the...


The Walking Dead star Moses J. Moseley was kidnapped & murdered, claims family

The Walking Dead star Moses J Moseley was kidnapped and murdered, his family claims. The star, 31, was found with a gunshot wound after being...

Netflix releases a list of top 10 movies and shows

Streaming giant Netflix recently released the data for its most-viewed TV shows and films. Among them, the most viewed movie is Chris Hemsworth-Randeep Hooda...



India withdraws warning on national biometric ID

India withdraws warning on national biometric ID after online panic

India on Sunday withdrew a warning not to share photocopies of the national biometric identity card after the announcement caused widespread panic on social...

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Alyssa Milano defends her silence on Joe Biden sexual allegation

Alyssa Milano has taken to Twitter after she's getting dragged on the Internet for supporting presidential hopeful Joe Biden despite past sexual allegations against...

Health & Fitness

Which Kind of Exercise Mat Is Right for You?

Even if you've never done yoga before, there's a workout mat that will suit your needs. It may seem like a universal item, but...

What is the newest treatment for cancer?

Chemotherapy and radiation are likely to come to mind when you think of cancer therapies. That could soon change. Over the past several years, a...

4 Best Reasons to Use a Facial Cleansers

Facial cleansing products remove debris and dead skin cells from the skin, resulting in several skin advantages. So let us go over some of...

How are ayurvedic oils help to treat skin issues

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it is also the point of interaction with the environment. It is exposed to the...

Benefits of wearing a P2/N95 face mask

Australia is the largest country in the continent of Oceania. However, it is considered a transcontinental country as some islands are associated with the...

Beauty Tips

How to grow long thicken hair faster with Onion and Potato Hair problems have become exceptionally common these days, especially among teenagers. They frequently complain...



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