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November 28, 2018

YouTube Will Delete All Video Annotations on 2019 Jan-15

YouTube will delete video annotations on 2019 Jan-15

Isn’t it annoying when you get those pop-up annotations on your screen while watching a video?! Fortunately, YouTube has caught onto it and will finally get rid of them from January 15.

Google, the holding firm of YouTube, has recently made an announcement that video annotations will no longer be shown. The reason behind this decision is a fall in the number of people watching annotated videos. As most of the people have moved on to their smartphones, it’s pointless to have pop-ups on the videos. They are meant to work for computer users and such videos are only causing declining views. YouTube revealed that more than 70% of the active views belong to the cellphone users.

Now the users cannot make new annotations or edit the current ones, because YouTube had terminated the Annotation Editor in 2017. The existing pop-ups will no longer be seen on older videos. On 15th January, they shall also be taken away from Creator Studio Classic.

YouTube prefers the use of ending screens over annotations because they are less annoying. Therefore, it believes the viewers will be able to enjoy the videos, hence the views will increase.

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The annotations were launched in June 2008 by YouTube. By using this feature, boxes of text or links could be added on top of the video. Another option was a two-pane editor where one side of the screen showed the video while the other had annotations. The viewers could either click the cross icon on the pop-ups or had to wait for them to disappear themselves. All this while the video is running at the back!

This new policy is obviously in the favor of YouTube viewers. However, for the creators and advertisers, not so much. They could clarify the things going on the video. In particular, whenever a creator blundered during the video, they would somehow explain it through the annotations.


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