Paris on high alert
December 8, 2018

Paris on high alert as city shuts down for “yellow vest” protests

Paris on high alert as city shuts down for ‘yellow vest’ protests.

This weekend marks the start of the second “yellow vest” protests in Paris since last week. Paris is on red alert, in terms of protective measures to stop the riots from taking a fierce turn.

All the soccer games and concerts were called off. Stores, museums, stations, and the Eiffel tower tour were all shut down. During the last weekend, Paris encountered the worst unrest since ages and perturbed the whole nation. President Emmanuel Macron’s regime has never experienced something this ferocious till now.

yello vest protest in ParisCristophe Castaner, the interior minister, believes that after last weekend the chances for a large number to show up are less likely. However, the ones who do turn up could be extremely brutal. To tackle this “monster” security would be on high alert this Saturday. He has sworn that the law enforcement agencies would not allow any destruction to take place this time. Last Saturday saw the annihilation of tons of vehicles, shops, and the Arc de Triomphe war memorial.


On Friday, Prime Minister Edouard Phillippe exchanged words with a group of yellow vests who believed in passive resistance. Christophe Chalencon, a spokesperson of the movement claimed that the PM would consider their demands and discuss with the president. He seemed quite hopeful that the president would fulfill their requests.

Phillipe said that 8000 police officers would be provided with arms and fully loaded vehicles in Paris.
Most of the city is expected to be closed during the protests. Champs-Elysees boulevard, in particular, will be shut down since it was the major targeted area last time.

Overseas governments are also concerned about the stability in Paris. Tourism will be adversely affected as tourists from USA, Belgium, Portugal, and the Czech Republic will cancel their plans.

‘ Increasingly radicalized ‘

The president was bound to fulfill a few of the appeals made by the protesters. These include helping the middle classes and keeping the fuel taxes and prices of electricity and gas at constant. But they are asking for more. Due to increasing fuel prices, the yellow vest started protesting on November 17 by obstructing roads, shopping centers, and fuel stations. It kept growing afterward, expanding the scale of riots against political stuff.

Since then, there have been protests over university entrance criteria, wages and pensions to be increased. Around 10,000 people participated in the uproars and they were supported by the public.

protest Paris yellow vest

‘ President of the rich ‘

The “yellow jackets” are demanding that Macron should step down from pthe residency because he only cares about the rich in the country. The protesters were enraged when Macron announced a cut in wealth taxes as soon as he took the seat. He will be addressing the riots next week.

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