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December 7, 2018

New York: CNN Offices Evacuated After Bomb Threat

New York, CNN offices evacuated after bomb threat

A bomb threat caused the New York offices of CNN to be vacated on Thursday. However, the police found no evidence of any bombs and confirmed it was a false alarm.

This went on for about 90 minutes and was somehow similar to the evacuation that happened in October. An explosive device had been located at that time at CNN’s home office in New York.
CNN published on its web page that fire alarm bells started ringing in the newsroom after 10:30 pm. As a result, everyone had to leave the office while a prerecorded show was put on the channel. After an hour the CNN went on air through Skype, a video/audio calling application.

Don Lemon, a CNN host, addressed the audience through Skype. He explained the whole situation as to why they were on Skype and the threat they had received earlier. But even he did not know anything beyond that so was just as curious for the viewers.

The New York Police Department tweeted about the investigation that was being carried out at Columbus Circle, West 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue. This is the address of the CNN’s offices, so the police informed the people to not go toward the area as it was closed. The police gave the all clear signal after 12 am so the people could re-enter the building.

CNN had been targeted before, in October, when pipe bombs were being transmitted to President Trump’s rivals. Cesar Sayoc, a man from Florida was caught by the police. He is thought to be the one who sent the bombs and will face life imprisonment if found guilty.

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