Muslim man attacked outside a East London Mosque
March 16, 2019

Muslim man attacked outside an East London Mosque after NZ attack

London: A 27-year-old Muslim man sustains injuries to his head after a man allegedly attacks him with a hammer outside an East London mosque after NZ mosques attack.

Al Jazeera reported that a Muslim man has been attacked with a hammer and a batten outside an East London mosque. As a report, a group of three men shouted Islamophobic abuses as they drove past the place of worship on Cannon Street Road.
They called people attending Friday prayers terrorists, eyewitnesses told the newspaper reporter.

One of the three men then climbed out of the car and allegedly attacked on a Muslim man. The 27-year-old victim sustained injuries to his head.

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In a video filmed by a witness, one of the attackers was seen climbing onto the front of the car’s bonnet in an attempt to get away from the scene.

The suspects returned to their car and left the scene before police arrived, a spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police told the Independent, adding that the suspects were all described as white men, believed to be aged in their 20s.

No arrests have been made yet.

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