Human trafficking: FIA arrests more 14 Chinese nationals
May 8, 2019

Human trafficking: FIA arrests more 14 Chinese nationals, 3 girls recovers

The FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) on Wednesday claimed to have arrested 14 Chinese associated with a gang involved in trafficking of Pakistani girls to China on the pretext of false marriage.

The FIA recovered 3 girls as well as arms from the possession of the held suspects.

According to FIA officials, the Chinese nationals have been shifted to the FIA Headquarters for further investigation.

Earlier, on May 20, FIA had arrested a gang allegedly involved in trafficking of Christian girls to China.

The FIA acting on intelligence information raided a wedding ceremony in Faisalabad and arrested the Chinese groom identified as Chang. Zahid, a Christian father, Kashif, a matchmaking agent, Mendes, a Chinese woman, and other suspects were also taken into custody in the raid.

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The issue involving trafficking of Pakistani girls to China from Pakistan’s province “Punjab” under the garb of false marriage came to light recently.

Moreover, Chinese nationals marry Pakistani girls to sell their children, a human rights activist told Samaa TV Thursday.

The human rights activist “Saleem Iqbal” claimed that he received a call from a girl from China last night. The girl has been living in China for the past six months.

I am not pregnant, he quoted her as saying. They want me to conceive a child.

The FIA have arrested 21 Chinese men in Lahore on charges of marrying Pakistani women and then forcing them into prostitution.

The activist claimed that 700 to 1200 Pakistani girls have been taken to China after they married Chinese men.

The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad had issued a statement after a lawmaker raised the issue in Parliament.

Chinese laws and regulations strictly prohibit cross-national matchmaking centers. China is cooperating with Pakistani law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal matchmaking centers.

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