Afghan kid dances with joy after getting an artificial Limb
May 7, 2019

Afghan kid dances with joy after getting an artificial Limb that he lost in a landmine blast

The video of a boy with an artificial limb dancing his heart out has taken the Internet by storm.

At an age when most kids were enjoying their childhood in a safe environment, the boy is Ahmad lost a leg in a landmine blast in Afghanistan. While this story will move most of us and bring tears to our eyes, there is someone somewhere who is living this horror every single day.

He received an artificial limb at the ICRC Afghanistan orthopedic centre.

The heartening video shows Ahmed back on his feet doing a jiggle out of happiness after getting his limbs back.

He couldn’t hold his emotions and started dancing with joy after he received a prosthetic limb. Ahmad’s emotions in the video show us what true happiness is and it will surely leave a smile on your face too.

People in Afghanistan to continue to fall victim to this problem on a daily basis. International Committee of the Red Cross, more than 4000 civilians were killed or injured by explosives in Afghanistan last year. That’s over a third more than in 2017 and the most since 2010, ICRC tweeted.

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